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Prototype of the intelligent test assistant

Joint research project with the Technical University of Munich

The development of an intelligent test assistant which facilitates the data recording and result evaluation in the overall vehicle testing, is the aim of a current research project of the companies TW Soft GmbH and Teamware GmbH in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich. Parts of the project are funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology.

The creation of test instructions, the data collection and the evaluation of results in vehicle testing are time-consuming, often still (partially) manually executed activities. Complaints are often liable to subjective assessments, while relationships between environmental, driver and vehicle data are often not captured at all and thus not evaluated. The acquisition and evaluation process is therefore time-consuming, cost-intensive and error-prone.

Higher informative value through networking

With the development of an intelligent test assistant, the Teamware Group with the two companies TW Soft (Ingolstadt) and Teamware (Munich) in cooperation with the Automotive Technology Chair of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) intends to digitalise and automate test processes. Specifically, a cloud-based software tool is being developed that enables vehicle testers to enter, transmit and evaluate test results digitally through a user-friendly interface. Great attention is also paid to the implementation of features which support the creation of test questions. Thanks to these features, users will be able to easily manage their question pool and reach a high quality in test results.

By recording and analysing additional data regarding the environment, the driver and the vehicle, the informative value and the objectivity of the test results are to be further increased. The actual application area for the intelligent test assistant is the automotive industry in the field of overall vehicle testing and security as well as customer fleets. After its completion, the product will also be applicable in other industries such as retail and food service or trade fairs and events.

Secure data transmission

"As an ISO 27001-certified group of companies, the security of data and transmission paths is also of crucial importance to us," explains Stefan Heier, product manager and authorised signatory at TW Soft. Therefore, the "Secure Web Box", another product developed by TW Soft, is used in this project. "With the Secure Web Box, you can decouple communication and access your internal business applications from mobile apps without opening any security holes in your firewall," says Heier. The individual data packets are encrypted end-to-end, which ensures highly secure data transmission between all devices used. Thanks to the Secure Web Box, the data transmission in the test assistant is highly secure.

Integration of Machine Learning

Sebastian Krapf, PhD candidate at the TUM Chair of Vehicle Technology, is working on his dissertation in the project "Firefly", which is the internal working title for the intelligent test assistant. "In general, testing is an exciting area," says the 25-year-old. "You wouldn’t believe how many resources the testing in the vehicle manufacturing claims," explains the scientist. Issues such as automated driving and digitalisation pose additional challenges for the vehicle protection where much research remains to be done. The doctoral candidate finds digitalisation and networking in the automotive industry particularly interesting. At an advanced stage, Firefly will use statistical analysis and Machine Learning (ML) methods to analyse real-time vehicle test driving, combine it with data from other trials, and dynamically adapt the test process. "The potential of machine learning in vehicle real-world testing is huge. But first, we need a database for this", reveals Sebastian Krapf about the project.

Agile development with Evum Motors

One of the validation partners for Firefly ist the electric vehicle manufacturer Evum Motors. The development of Firefly will be tested under real conditions and in agile development on Evum cars from March 2019 on. "Overall vehicle real-world testing is a core competence of vehicle manufacturers, but in science, this area has so far received very little attention," explains Sebastian Krapf his research motive. „Thanks to networking, cloud technologies and high computing power, Firefly is a highly interesting development not only for the industry but also scientifically.“

About TW Soft

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February 2019